C.Phil., Political Science, UCLA (in progress)
M.A., Political Science, UCLA (2000)

J.D., U.C. Davis (1995)

B.A., Politics, Philosohpy, and Economics, Claremont McKenna College (1992)

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Darren Schreiber's research agenda bring new methods to old questions in political science.  His Thinking About Politics project uses functional brain imaging to study the differences in political cognition between political novices and experts.  While neuroscience has long studied the development of expertise and political science has amassed important data on sophistication effects in political behavior, this research promises to unify their insights.  Darren's second project uses agent-based computer simulation to investigate the formation of political parties and unify classic results from the party and formal modeling literatures.  He has also collaborated with researchers at UCLA's Law School to develop a sophisticated simulation of housing segregation.  Although Darren enjoyed being a trial lawyer, he thought academia offered the kind of obscurity he would need to protect himself once he found out that his law firm was a Mafia money-laundering front.  Sailing would have been easier.

Birthplace: Southern California
Party: Postmodern Republican (My NOMINATE score would require a third dimension)
Turn-ons:  Disco dancing, simulated people, backpacking, complexity theory,polyester suits
Turn-offs: Drizzling rain, Party ID scores of 0 and 6, electro-shock therapy