Klugie Application and Survey

We'd like to know a little bit about you and your political views.

  1. Please provide the following contact information:

    First Name
    Last Name
  2. What is your main area of study?

  3. Which best describes your political party identification?

    Strong Democrat
    Weak Democrat
    Independent, Leaning Democratic
    Pure Independent
    Independent, Leaning Republican
    Weak Republican
    Strong Republican

    Another political party
    Don't know/Decline to state/I'm above this stuff

  4. What about your ideology?  Please place yourself on an oversimplified unidimensional ideological scale:

    Very Liberal
    Somewhat Liberal


    Somewhat Conservative

    Very Conservative

    I don't fit on this scale

    Don't know/Decline to state


  5. Which best describes politics in America?

    Not sure

  6. Do you smoke?

    Yes No

  7. How would you describe your style of research

    I play with data until I see a pattern.  Then I try to find the theory to match it.
    I go into a closet and think about theory until I have an idea.  Then I seek out data.
    I just steal ideas from others.
    Not sure.

  8. Do you feel horse meat should be legally available?

    Yes No

  9. How many dimensions describe legislative voting behavior in the U.S. House of Representatives?

  10. Do institutions matter?

    Yes No

  11. Do parties matter?

    Yes No

  12. Do ideas matter?

    Yes No

  13. Can energy be transformed into matter?

    Yes No

  14. Which best describes your views on soft money?

    It stifles the true voice of the people and should be banned.
    It's an unpleasant but necessary part of politics.
    It helps create stronger and more responsible political parties.

  15. Which best describes your views about Goose's death in "Top Gun"?

    Iceman was flying irresponsibly and caused the accident.
    It's just one of the risks that Naval aviators must face.

    I am one of the three Americans who haven't seen "Top Gun."

  16. Which president is more morally questionable?

    Bill Clinton
    George W. Bush

  17. If the governor of Michigan were suffering from a debilitating illness like multiple sclerosis but refused to disclose his medical history, which would be your greater concern?

    His illness could jeopardize his ability to execute the duties of his office.
    He lied and caused other people to lie to voters when running for office.


    For questions 18 through 30, please rate the following individuals on a "feeling thermometer," ranging between 0 and 100.  If you intensely dislike a person, rate him or her a 0.  If you strongly like a person, that would be 100.  If you feel neither positively nor negatively toward a person, rate him or her a 50.  If you do not recognize the person, leave the field blank.

  18. Jesse Jackson

  19. Jesse Helms

  20. Jesse Unruh

  21. Jesse Ventura

  22. Uncle Jesse

  23. Jesse's Girl

  24. Martin Van Buren

  25. Marcus Hanna

  26. Hannah Arendt

  27. Strom Thurmond

  28. Uma Thurman

  29. Satan

  30. Ralph Nader

  31. Finally, in one hundred words or less, please explain why you would like to be a Klugie.

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Revised: May 09, 2001